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Hello all:

I currently own a Class 'C' (1997 Yellowstone) and am looking to make the big (huge) jump to a Class 'A' diesel pusher. I am interested in a 1994 38' Mountain Aire with 300 Cummins/6 speed Allison 1 slide, 74,000 miles, basically fully loaded and what appears to be in very good shape. The dealer (I live in British Columbia) is asking $113,000.00 CAD (approx $80,000 US). I have checked out NADA and it comes in at $50,000 US retail. A big difference. My problem is that I am trying to find similar Mountain Aire's for sale on the Internet (RVTraderOnline, RVClassified etc) to verify pricing but there does not seem to be too many Mountain Aires for sale. Any comments regarding the pricing and the quality of the Mountain Aire would be greatly appreciated. Also what other Class "A" diesel pushers compare to the Mountain Aire.

Many Thanks

Info about Mountain Aire


I checked out that site and came to the conclusion that there are some better deals to be had (newer/lower price/lower milage). I will continue my search.

Thanks again.