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We are in two persons, We live in Italy and we would want in the next year to come in the united states, to acquire a motorhome used class To and turning all the united states in order then to continue after a pair of years towards the south America, with regard to this I would want to ask some information:

1. I would want to know which model of motorhome advised having to me a figure of approximately $ 25.000?
2. With which type of advisable fuel and to find the motorhome?
3. it is possible to move liberations in the united states?
4. it is allowed to stop itself for some day with the motorhome in the free areas?
5. they exist of the laws that regulate the pauses?
6. which problems of emergency we could meet?
7. which type of clear serves for a motorhome?



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quote:1. I would want to know which model of motorhome advised having to me a figure of approximately $ $25.000?

If you are talking US dollars and you are talking about a Class A Motorhome, then I don't think you're going to find anything in that price range at all. If you're talking Lira, I'm afraid all that amount would buy is a cheap lunch.

If you're talking about a Travel Trailer, you should be able to find a brand new one for that price in US dollars.

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Hello puoivolare, Welcome!!!!

I tend to agree with SnowbirdInFlight and I have some other Opinions. I found you a $22,000.00USD motorhome in CA here:<=_!2006-1-17!_AND_RvAd.AdExpire_>=_!2006-1-17!_AND_RvAd.TypeID_=_1_AND_RvAd.AdPrice_<_25000__AND_RvAd.Approved=1_AND_RvAd.Sold=0_ORDER_BY_Manufacturer_ASC;
but, if you expect an older coach with that many miles to transport you around the US and then south for a couple of years you need to have some cash or other financial backup to keep it running and safe for the two of you.

I also assume you are asking about whether you can move between states easily and the answer is yes. There are no state-to-state restricting travel laws (some restrictions that relate to firearm storage in vehicels etc but hopefully you will not have the need to worry about that). You can drive state to state all you want to. International Borders will require your passports.

I prefer Diesel powered vehicles myself as they tend to get better mileage and have overall better pulling capacities and lower high-torque power (better startups when heading up the on-ramps etc...) But, Diesel fuel is a bit higher (in cost) now (it used to be lower).

Prices I have seen for Federal Campgrounds and State campgrounds have ranged anywhere from $8.00USD to $30.00USD per night depending on dry-camping or full hookups. You can park for free at some Walmarts and a few other areas. Camping limits at most parks are 16 days.

As far as emergencies, there can be any kind anywhere. You can have engine problems, drive train problems, wheel problems (the motorhome is a vehicle so any vehicle related emergency can occur) AND then there are the motor"home" problems such as Propane connections (leaking, getting old and rotting, etc) or Heater, Refridgerator, Electric (both AC and DC) Plumbing both High pressure (city hookups) and tank (pump) related. Cabinetry, Stove, Oven and regular emergencies/maintenance and so forth. All the things you normally have with any household plus the extra stuff. Or, with proper preventive maintenance and care you may not have any emergencies.

As many people here can tell you, packing two of you into a smaller place on a continuous basis is also not easy and can become an emergency in itself.

Other expenses will include your meals (of course) fuels (propane as well as gas/diesel) regular care an maintenance items, any extras you like for daily usage. ALSO, you will want to stock the motorhome if it is not already with linen, pot/pans, bathroom items, tools, utinsels, all the necessary to live items.

Also, if anyone else can think of all the stuff I have missed then lets get with it.....

However, in spite of all of that I am a believer in the RV lifestyle and I love it!

Remember however, that all of this is just IN MY OPINION! (IMO) I could be wrong. (I apparently just like to talk.)

Anyway, Welcome and Hope you are able to do what you want to.

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you can probably find a used older MH gasser in the 25k price range but be prepared to spend more money to get in in shape for touring the USA. Probably new tires will be the first expense and you will have to have insurance, tag etc. Goggle search for used MHs to get some prices. Might also search on e bay. Will take a lot of searching to find one in this price range that is dependable but they are out there.

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It's got new tires, new springs, even a new flush valve and a price tag waaaaaaaaaaaaay below $25K. And I think we'd get there and back as well as most of 'em ;) .


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Hi Puoivolare,
I'm about a month late responding to your post but hope you are still interested in rv'ing in the US. You might also look at this website for information on a used motorhome.

I have enjoyed it for researching the different models of motorhomes available. It has prices, floorplans, and descriptions so you can get a good idea of what you can get in your budget.

If you are planning to overnight in free areas, I would recommend that you limit your search to units with a generator since a microwave will drain the batteries pretty fast.

If you are looking for suggestions on free areas, I recommend Flying J truckstops. They usually have areas in the front designated for rv parking, but no hookups. Almost all of them do have rv dumps and a place to fill your water tanks though. The truck stops will not be in truly scenic locations or convenient to local attractions but they are free and easily accessed off the interstate highways. I do NOT recommend the ones in Dallas, Texas, or Gary, Indiana however.

Good luck with your research and I hope you have a wonderful time exploring when you get here. Drop us a line if you're passing through Memphis, Tennessee. Although our city is not as famous as some in the US, we do have a few items that qualify as "must see and do" ...besides Graceland!

PS...Sorry but the closest Flying J (in West Memphis, AR) isn't that great either. They have a RV fuel station with dump and water, but no special rv parking.