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I do not have direct tv in my home but used a friends box on a weekend trip. service was fine but was unable to get some chanells , ABC, NBC,CBS. Someone told me it could have something to do with the zip code the box was set up for. i want to get direct tv service for my home and use it in my RV but if i cant get all channels it doesnt seem worth it. any info would help

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I know that you will not be able to get your local channels if you are oout of your area.


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Yes, Satellite providers are prevented from providing local channels. They eventually worked out a compromise where they could offer them, as a special (often extra cost) package. And they are only available in that area (due to being transmitted by focused transmitters).

What you may be able to do (used to be able to, anyway), is order a 'network package'. This was a major city's network stations, available anywhere in the country (for extra cost of course). Usually they had a choice of at least 'east coast' and 'west coast' packages. They contained pretty much the same programming, but were at different times.


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I looked into DirecTV's 'network package'. It doesn't work as part of an existing home account. In other words you can't add it to an account. If you're full timing that isn't an issue.

Actually, my local channels worked three or four hundred miles from home (not 800), but weren't available much farther than that. If it wasn't for Sallyberetta, I wouldn't pay extra for the local channels.

Having said that about losing the local channels, I don't lose any other programming just because I'm out of my home territory. I do have to call in sometimes for verification, but only have to talk to the computer.


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As a fulltimer, we do receive the network stations where ever we go, but we have a special deal that is only available to RV travelers and truck drivers. What happens for the typical, fixed location satellite service customer is that they have available a package of the local stations which you must buy all of, or none of. That is how home owners get the network programs. If you live in an RV or are a long-haul trucker, there is a special waiver for each which you must fill out and send to your dish service company(either Dish Net or Direct TV). You must be a customer before you send in the waiver forms. Once the company receives that waiver and makes sure that it is up the the standard set by the FCC, they will then allow you to buy a special package of programs which are beamed to all parts of the US. The package has ABC, NBC, CBS & Fox and you usually have a choice of a feed from either coast or from both. For Direct TV the choices are feeds from New York City and Los Angeles. From Dish Net you get feeds from Atlanta and San Fransisco. We have Dish Net and we get the package from both coasts and the cost is $12/month. I believe that Direct TV is about the same.

The catch is that when you get your waiver recorded, you also are no longer eligible to receive any local package from any location. Local programing is transmitted by the "spot beam" process which means that it is only available in an area that is approximately 200 miles in diameter and when you get those you will always loose them once you are approximately 100 miles from home, in any direction.