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In the main forum there is the topic class B motorhomes. I would like to add the topic "Class A motorhomes" to this same forum. How can I do this? Connie {?}

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information requested


In the main forum, users cannot add additional forums. As Chelse has metioned, you must go into one of those forums to add a topic.

As more intererst and usage of this forum develops we will look into expanding the main forum topics.

Happy posting!

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RE: information requested

I can't find a forum that I found this morning... it was intitled "OXYGEN HOLDING TANK"
I was searching info on Oxy-kem and I found the forum mention above but I had to regester to post anything and when I tryed to go back to the forum I could not find it...

The whole reason is: I need to find out if anyone one else had any problems with useing oxy-kem?
reason: I tryed this product and well...our holding tank on our 5th wheel camper exploded, after the first use of this chemical (we used the drop-in packets)

I tryed it because there was no bad reviews on this product... there was not alot of reviews either, cause it is fairly new, from what I gathered...

please email me if you have any additional info. on this product...

Thank you,


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Re: information requested

Veronica what forum was u on? I did a search this morning and found OXY KEM. However I did not find a link to a forum. I did do a search on this forum with no luck. :(
Re: information requested

Veronica, you are confusing "forum" with "post".

Forums here are fixed and you can't change the name of them.

If you post something or reply to a post, you are already within a forum.

As an example, these comments above are all in the forum called "Suggestions/Comments".
Re: information requested

yes I've emailed the company.. and have had no replys as of yet...

It turns out to replace the tank will cost well over $1,000. thats with a tank($600+)and instalation (they said I had to bring it in) so we decided to just bypass the whole tank ... we used pvc for a direct line (No holding tank) So now we don't need any chemicals at all, we do still have the grey tank, the only tank I did not use the chemical in...but we leave this open for a constant flow...

I was in the middle of cooking when the tank exploded, I though a truck had hit our first, until I went outside...the smell was unmistakable!!!
I just don't want anyone else to have to go thought this, I wouldn't wish this mess on anyone...

Thanks for alowing me to post this here, I truly wanted to post it on the same page That I found but like I said i couldn't find it again until today... however there are no place to post a reply on the page...IDK
Thanks again,