Inside entry step


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I'm new to the world of RV's. I just ripped out the carpet of my 1993 piece of heaven. I am going to replace it with vinyl. I'm wondering if there is a pre-formed plastic liner for the inside step. That seems a lot more functional and easy vs lining the vertical walls of that step with vinyl then putting metal trim along those edges. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


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Hi Moberg and welcome to the RUVSA Forum. Depending on what your 1993 piece of heaven is, there should be pre-formed steps that will fit. My 2007 Sunseekeer has a one-piece heavy vinyl "bucket" (for lack of a better term) just inside the door that froms a step into the motorhome. You might be able to find something to fit yours at an RV salvage yard. Check on-line and good luck.


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Both of my steps are lined with a rubber mat. Which makes it very easy to clean. But my house batteries are under the second step also, so maybe that is why.