Installing cable-TV hookup

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we have a new Forest River 30' TT and are loving it! It came pre-wired for broadcast TV, with an external antenna and a powered signal amplifier. It did not come pre-wired for cable-TV hookups. I have an external cable-TV jack to install.....can I splice into the existing coax without hurting the broadcast TV signal amplifier (using the existing internal TV jacks for cable too) or do I need to install a separate internal cable-TV jack?


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Installing cable-TV hookup

Are you sure there is not a switch located inside that will allow you to go from antenna to cable??? I have an older Winnebago (1989) Class a and it is the switch for cable or antenna. Also, it has a plug in in an outside rear compartment for plugging cable line in.
If not, I think I would not try to use your existing set up, as there might be a conflict with the signal and the amplifier already installed, without being able to by-pass it. Just a couple thoughts. By the way, it is really easy to install a new cable outlet (I did a phone line for my unit).
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Installing cable-TV hookup

Thanks Archer - yes....I think you are right. I have found out that I should only use the same coax lines if I can use a high-isolation A-B switch (which is available through Radio Shack), or just run separate lines, which may be simpler!
In running your phone line - how do you fish your wires through the RV? Seems like anywhere I look to try to fish wires, I'm going to tear out a bunch of insulation, etc. I'd like ot be able to put the external jack on the backside of the camper, but all my TV locations are on the front wall, so I need to figure out how to run the coax where I need it without making leaks or tearing things up.


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Installing cable-TV hookup

Here is how I did my phone line:
1. In the rear compartment where my electrical line is stored, cable connection is located, etc., (yours may be on the outside in the rear), I drilled a hole through the bottom of the floor just the right size for a telephone line.
2. Installed a telephone jack inside the compartment, hooked up the telephone line perm to the jack.
3. Ran the line from underneath the motorhome, used those small plastic half round wire holders to hold the wire to the under side of the motorhome.
4. Ran the line from the back, underneath, up the 30 feet to the back side of one of the outside storage (basement areas) compartments on the side I wanted the jack inside to be installed.
5. Drilled a hole in the top side edge of that compartment, ran the line inside at the top of that compartment, using the small plastic wire holders again, to just where I wanted it to enter the inside of the motorhome.
6. Went inside, drilled hole down through the carpet, next to the wall where I wanted the inside jack.
7. Installed the inside jack on the wall just above the floor (about 2-3 inches and perm installed the wire to the jack.
8. Went back to all holes that were drilled and filled them with silicon sealant to prevent critters/etc., from entering.
9. All I had left to do was plug in my telephone, just like at home, and, of course, get telephone company to turn on the line that would come from them to the motorhome.
Works just like at home.
10. We use it for telephone and for laptop internet access (AT&T Service provider, just need the local access number to Worldnet).
After saying all of that, I would guess that you could install a cable TV line using the same principle as what I did for the telephone line. You just install Cable Jacks for TV, in place of telephone jacks like I did.
Good luck
It was really easy. The only part that I made sure of for safety, was to make sure I did not drill any holes through the flooring of the motorhome where there might be LP, WATER, ELECTRIC LINES. I got a schematic from Winnebago that shows all the water, electrical and LP lines that are in my motorhome. :) :laugh: :cool: ;)


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Installing cable-TV hookup

As a retired tech, I would follow pretty much what Archer has suggested. I would use the nylon wire ties to hold the coaxial cable up aginst the frame of the RV when you run it to the rear of the RV. If you need to run the wire up a wall, you can get what is called, wire mold at Home Depot or Lowe's that will hide the cable and it is peel and stick. You can also get connection boxes that work that way. I would locate the A-B switch in a cabinet where the present TV cable from the antenna passes through. You need to cut that cable between the TV and the amplifier and install the new switch there. The connect the new cable to it. If you can, route the new cable through cabinets inside of the RV to hide it. It can be easily attached to the walls inside with either the stick on fasteners, or using special staples that are also available in the home repair stores.

It really isn't all that difficult to do. Just take your time and as Archer said, check behind anything that you plan to drill a hole through to make sure you don't drill the wrong thing.

Good luck, and come back to post how it went.