Installing wireless backup camera on Roadtrek

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Re: Installing wireless backup camera on Roadtrek

I have done it on a pick up. Man has a bad back and cannot turn to see much so now he just looks at his dashboard... His system is NOT expensive at all. Paid about 60.00 for it, but it works!!


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RE: Installing wireless backup camera on Roadtrek

Just joined and saw this. I bought a wireless backup camera system for our Roadtrek back in December from and it looks pretty decent as it arrived. I have yet to put it in as I have been modifying everything on this rig and haven't reached that point yet, but I wanted to mention it because the price was pretty reasonable and the features are pretty decent. It has a built in GPS system that auto switches between the camera and GPS screen as needed. (put it in reverse or hit a switch depending on how you wire it in)

I should be installing it finally over the next week or two. I will blog about it and do a review. Hope that helps.

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Has anyone done this? Can it be done?
I have the wired back up camera, but i still would like to purchase one wireless back up camera, because i heard that the wireless product is more convenient for installation. My some collegues have purchased it, ready go ask them to tell me exact information.