Insurance Question


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I was wondering where everyone get their insurance for their 5er? I just got an adjusted premium from State Farm. They base it on the MSRP which is over $36,000. They sell all over for $23-27,000. It raises my premium by about $150 a year. The interesting thing is that if it got stolen or burned down they wouldn't pay me the 36 grand but would look for a replacement which can be had for the mid twenties price. So I'm paying for ten thousand dollars of coverage which I would never get. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Depending on your age check with AARP coverage for all rigs and home I saved a bunch. If not old enough start shopping, it's the only way. Just have your policies around so you can compare apples to apples.Some companies are cheaper in some areas of the country. Also might try with an independent agent, does not cost to look other than time(yours) to save $$$$$.


Steve H

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We use a company called Oregon Mutual to insure all our vehicles. Everyone's insurance needs differ but we have comprehensive and collision with 100/500 deductible and the premium is $140 for 12 months.