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Hello all, this is my first post, I found the site a couple of days ago. I am buying a 93 Wilderness 28' Fifth wheel with a 13.5 slide. The trailer is in great shape and I picked it up for $8500.00. I have been looking for almost two years, and I think that we will be happy with our purchase. Also I am really pleased to have found this site with a wealth of knowledge. I do have a question about insurance and the trailer. I called my insurance (Farmers) and they said that it will only cost me about $20.00 for six months, since it is going to be pulled by my truck. Does that sound right. What will the bank require me to have since it will be financed through them? Thanks in advance. :)

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Probably in the right neighborhood. They are only offering 'comprehensive' coverage (fire/theft/etc) only. Liability from movement is under the tow vehicle policy. Liability while parked usually comes from your homeowner's policy.

Be aware that 'auto' insurance companies coverage for RVs is often not up to that offered by the better specialty companies. On the other hand, that's a pretty good rate.

You'll probably want to see how much they will pay if the unit is 'totaled'. As long as that amount is always equal or greater to the amount owed, perhaps the bank will be satisfied.

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welcome to the forum Deric. 20 bucks seems a little low if you have the full 8500 covered. The bank will want the full amount financed covered if you listed the rv as collaterial. I would do as John said and ask the insurance co what the pay off would be if it was a total loss.