My job transferred me from upstate NY to Kentucky. My Wife and I drove our motorhome down with the intent of using it while we looked for a house. Since April we have loved it. My wife does some workcamping and we both have full time "regular jobs". We decide to buy a 5th Wheel 35' Grand Junction for more room. (We also have a Great Dane). We will live full time in our 5th wheel. As time goes by, we'll look for a truck to pull the trailer. But, thats the problem. We have been told without a pull vehicle, we cannot get insurance for the trailer. Can anyone give us any info that may help?
Soory for the long story.
Tom, Deb and the boy, Gabriel


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I suggest you try contacting some of the companies that specialize in covering RVs. You will need to get "fulltimer" coverage anyway since you do not keep a home owner's policy any longer. Here are a few to take a look at" Now Anon, used to be RV Allinace America The Miller Agency

Explorer RV Insurance, and any other that you may find listed in one of the RV magazines.

Thanks Kirk,
We were told by several companies, "no one lives in a RV fulltime". But they all said no tow vechile, no insurance. We still own our house as a family member lives in it now. Didn't know if its a Kentucky thing or not. Thanks for the reply.