What is the best type of insurance to have: one that only specializes in rvs (from Good Sams) or one that we have locally (ie State Farm)?
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mine is from State Auto, Through an independent agent. Also have the house, truck, and car with them Was a lot cheaper than Good Sam's and State Farm Had hail damage to house and 5th wheel last year. Had no trouble settling the claim with them


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I have GOOD SAM now. I had it with GA.Farm Bureau up until a few days ago. I was sold on GS for the fact they offer to replace my MH it is was total for any reason and this was the last year that they could be offer that to me. It was a little higher than GFB , but with replacement I felt I was doing the right thing by getting their offer. I also change my car ins. with GS and I am thinking on doing my house as well when I will make contact and do a cost estimate. Right now my home ins. just went up to the sky, so looking for new ins. for that. But DO comparison and see which is better for u.


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I found that State Farm (which has all my car and house insurance) was 3 times the price of Good Sam/GMAC for the motorhome. And the RV specialty insurance has several features important for RVs, which are not available from non-specialty insurers. Get quotes from everybody, and pay particular attention to what you will get from each company for your premium...
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WE looked at Good Sams and were impressed with their coverage. We were concenred about what would happen if we had a claim since Good Sams is not local.