Just bought a Southwind 36D. I'm looking for insurance. Does anyone have experience with RVAmerica insurance. We have Erie for our other vehicles but auto insurers coverage is not geared to the RV. Therefore I'm going to compare Erie with RVAmerica as far as coverages. Reluctant to change because of local rep. and satisfied with Erie. Just want good coverage.


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hello Todger,I have southwind 36B, I just got my in withGood SAM (GMAC) I can't say if it was good or bad, but with the offer to replace my MH if it was total not prorated help me to make thedecision for me. ck all ave before buying and happy rv'ing
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Hello All.

I've had RV ins for over 12 years....NOT CHEAP!!! Originally, I was with a company called Sun Alliance, but they stopped doing RV ins in I went to AON for a brief time (should say a GRIEF time)....rates were WAY TOO high and the customer service was non-existent. Have been w/GMAC via Good Sam since November of 2005....I am now in the process of shopping out the coach ins for Nov 2007 renewal.

I will check w/Progressive and also going to a broker: THUM. Anyone had any experience with THUM??? I have my Personal Liability w/them and have been I thought I'd give them a crack at the RV line.

Keep the emails coming...this is a great topic that concerns us all!!!


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WE had GMAC for years and they went up and up so we dropped them and went with Hartford and have had no trouble.
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Hello, I have a 34 foot pace arrow and use Nationwide, Pretty reasonable rate as far as I am concerned, Progressive gave me a good quote too, But I already have coverage on my personal vehicles with Nationwide.