Interior Renovations


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We are first timers & want to pull carpet out of a 28 ft w/1 slide and install hardwood laminat flooring. We have 2 dogs and a hard surface is easier to keep clean than carpet. Any advise or guidance?

What about painting the walls? What kind of paint to use?

Can the wall sconces be replaced? If so, can you use the standard Home Depot inventory?

Thanks a million for any feedback & we would appreciate any advise, guidance or tips would be very helpful!!


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Interior Renovations

1) When doing any work on the RV, keep in mind there may be wires or hoses behind where you are working; make sure you don't puncture any.
2) Keep in mind the weight. How much does the carpet weigh vs how much the flooring? How does this difference affect your CCC (Cargo Carrying Capacity)?
3) You can use anything you can make fit. Just keep in mind the weight and weight distribution, and that the unit will be bouncing down the road, so the items installed and their mounting must be able to handle this.