Internet access every where (almost) you go!


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Hi all,

Just go back from a vacation (visiting new grandson) in Everett, Washington.
We flew out and back, so no RV story to share.

Our son and daughter-in-law did not have their own internet access. They were "borrowing" it from a neighbor via wireless access. Needless to say, it was spotty and slow.

My son had done some digging and found that he could hook his cell phone (LG Impression) to a laptop via a USB cable and "teather" it. This would allow his phone to be used as a modem and access the internet via the cell phone web.

This phone is NOT a "smart phone". Teather it, go into modem mode, connect to laptop, dial *99# and it dials up and connects. It is not the "fastest" connection, but it isn't too bad, either.

He wasn't sure it it would create additional charges on the bill, so my wife called out carrier (ATT) and got confirmation that there would be NO EXTRA CHARGES to our bill, since we have the unlimited data plan on our phones. Once again, NOT a "smart phone".

This also works via bluetooth connection. My LG Vue phone also works as a modem for a laptop.

We used 3 differnent phones with the same results. Billing cycle has ended and we checked our bill on-line and there are NO extra charges on it.

This is an easy way to access the internet on the road without having to purchase a satelite plan or do the "pay-per-use" at those pesky wi-fi hot spots, like airports.


Smart Phones require an additional plan and additional charges.

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RE: Internet access every where (almost) you go!

That is a great discovery! I will be trying this out myself to see if I can make a go out of it. technology is always evolving and sometimes I feel like I can't keep up. I thought it was crazy to pay for internet at our home, on my cell phone and then again for the laptop while on the road. My wife has an older phone so I hope I can figure this little trick out. It is nice when we can actually find ways to save money with these things. I am going to feel pretty cool if I can figure this one out. :cool:

Thank you.


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Re: Internet access every where (almost) you go!

I think you will find a tethering fee will be added. I used to do this for $50 a month on those same phones. This is Verizon and from what I have read ATT is the same. As to the smart phone you are already committed to a data plan and can do the tether with PDANET either wired or blue tooth. I would call ATT again and see because it is charged by the day and can be shut off easy.