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(I just posted the following over on the Fulltiming forum, but thought I'd post it on the General forum as well in case some of you don't get over to the other forum)...

I'm purchasing some new laptops for my wife and I -- going with all the latest-greatest bells and whistles and Centrino wi-fi question remains, however:

I know wi-fi hotspots are cropping up all over, to include in many parks, but what about when one makes an in-between-parks stop (of any length of time, to include extended boondocking)? Does anybody have any advice for internet access in the middle of nowhere? Go with a Satellite system, or...?
Internet access

Some individuals go dish wise, others just go into town to do their work at a cafe or library. I know there are several old post related to Interent Dish -- there are some that you can place on your rig with a monthly fee -- don't ask me! There are others that just happened to be in a good area and a few do use their cell phones as modems. (Something we have not yet tried.) My personal choice to find a park that is wi-fi friendly or has a modem line to offer for those who need a modem. Good luck and welcome to RVUSA


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Internet access

While in Florida for winter, I had phone line installed and use it for my laptop for internet access. Only cost me approx $20.00 per month for the line and I don't have to pay any more for my AT&T service than what I was paying at home. I think this is the cheapest way to go. :)
Internet access

Hi Gang,

Thought I'd post an email conversation a forum reader and I had for your addition to the tips I received in this convo', I'd still love to hear what any of you all know about this subject! Here 'tis:

From "Tony": "That (a satellite system) is about the only choice you will have, if you want service out of hot spot areas. satellite internet works well, as long as weather not bad. I know a few good providers, email me if you want names."

I replied: "Thanks for your reply...any names you have would be good to know so I can check them out. Thanks and Happy New Year!"

Tony replied: "Hi PokeyPoke! here is a link:

"This is also where I bought my satellite phone, I use it when im out of cellular coverage area."