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Just purchased a new notebook from Gateway to travel with us in our RV. Since our local server here in West Texas is not national, what would be some good servers to consider for the road, or do perhaps the RV parks that offer internet hookup provide the servers for free?
The new notebook can hook up either through a phone line, cable, or wirelessly, but figured the cellular wireless option would be too expensive. What do most people out there use to stay connected ?


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internet and RVing

I would assume that by saying "server," what you really mean is an ISP?(Internet Service Privider) If that is what you mean, then the only time that I have seen an RV park provide such service is when they have a computer that is on-line for the customers to use. And that is not at all common. Most RV parks do have a phone line that you can use if you have either a toll free or a local number for your own ISP. Also, unless you happen to be a member of some club that has a mail box service, you will need one from an ISP. If friends are to send you email, they must have somewhere to send it.

There are several RV clubs that will provide an email box as do some other locations. Some of us have our own web domains and that too can provide an email box, but someone has to do so.

WyFi, or wireless internet is becoming more common in RV parks, most Flying J truck stops have it now and KOA says that they will all have it by the end of next year. But those services are seldom free, and you still need an email box for your mail to collect in. Cable internet is not very practical for use in an RV as the RV has to be where your cable connection is. I have never run into it as a service in an RV park, although there could be a few parks with it. Cell phones can be used but they are slow and not always available. For email some users do find it satisfactory.

We are presently in process of getting our own dish for internet access. They are now available in both roof mount and portable tripod mounts. Roof mount systems run about $4500 and the tripod type is about $2000. Either one costs $60 per month. While that is the best choice, it is also the most expensive.


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internet and RVing

Welcome to the forum. I have laptop/notebook and use it on the road and while anchored for winter in RV park in Florida. It is wireless capble but I had phone line installed while wintering. Using it right now.
I have AT&T internet service and so far it works just great (I've got it at home also). Does not cost me any more to use it while traveling. Just need a phone line and local phone number for AT&T and it is a go. I only pay $18.00 per month for the unlimited service.
Good luck and shop around to find what you want/need.
Happy New Year :cool:


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internet and RVing

What about AOL. Are local numbers usually accessible with this ISP ?
That is certainly the case in the oilfield towns of southern Louisiana
I work in.


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internet and RVing

I would think that AOL is very similar to AT&T regarding access numbers. check their WEB site to see what it says. I had to establish the link for AT&T for accessing anywhere while away from home, but did it via their web big deal. :cool:
internet and RVing

If you are going to be continually on the move and not real sophisticated on WiFi, etc., suggest you get an AOL account as they seem to be the most widely available with 800 numbers most everywhere. Most camp grounds have a connection for your computer to hook into. Also librarys, truck stops, Kinkos. Very seldom will you be without access to the internet in your travels. :cool: