Internet by Satellite

Has anyone had experience with the Internet-via-satellite setup sold on the Internet or telephone by Their website ( is a little sparse on information, and they don't have a dealership network, so I'm looking for people who may have purchased from them and can tell me about the dealer and the equipment. They use Starband and a manual dish setup. Their price is right--about $1600 equipment purchase and $50 a month, so it's really tempting.

I'd appreciate any response.



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Internet by Satellite

Just looking at their products on the web site, what they are selling is no different than the permanent mount dishes that you can purchase from DirectTV, or DishNetwork for $600 or less (installed). Only difference I can see is that they give you two dishes, and set one up to be mounted on a portable tripod, with the other permanently mounted on your home.

Unless something has changed, the FCC doesn't allow the customer to align the permanent mount satellite themselves without an installers certificate. I think I'd check with the two companies first and find out what's changed.

I sent an email to the RVWWW company asking about the FCC regulations, I'm curious to see their answer, I'll let you know.

If it's allowable now to do ourselves, I'm going to start taking mine with us when we travel. It's not tough to align them at all, and takes less than the 15 minutes they state if you have a radio shack meter.