Internet on the road

My wife and I are gettin ready for a trip next month and are thinking about the posstibility of an internet hookup while camping. How is this done while camping? I need to keep the cost to a minimum (fixed income and all). I was thinking about some kind for wireless connection so I could use it where ever I was. How are you guys doin this?

Thanks for the help


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Internet on the road

The only wireless method that I know of that is being used by RVers is to get a sattelite system for the TV and the modum. The catch is that the cost for the modum alone is $70 per month. We are fulltimers too and we just don't have the budget for that. What we do is to use a Pocketmail for constant e-mail when we travel and then when we sit for a time we use the internet provider. We have usually had Prodigy, who have local numbers in all major cities and most rural areas. When we stop for a month or more and there is no local number from Prodigy, we have them suspend our service until we go where they do have a number. These times we use some local provider for service.

Of course, you will not always have phones available in the RV. We spend about 60% of our time as volunteers in public parks and such and often do have access to a phone line. When traveling we find that most RV parks now have at least a line for e-mail use.

Gary B

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Internet on the road

Hi Gary, are you looking to surf the net your just wanting to send & get e-mails? Last winter the park we stayed at in Az. had a computer room and we could sign it out and do a little surfing and check our e-mails. Many folks have a Mail Station / type service just to sent & get their e-mails, others go to the public library. I guess if you have a nation wide cell service with lots of min. it can be done that way, but I know it wouldn't be feasable on our budget. Good luck hope this helps. :) :approve:
PS: the Mail stations are available at office max, wal-mart, K-mart etc. and many times they have a rebate on them making them free or just about so, and I think the service is $10.00 per month, they have a toll free number good anywhere in the country, and many camp grounds now have a phone jack available in their library, clubhouse etc.
Internet on the road

Thanks guy's.

I was hopeing to be able to use a laptop in the camper while camped or on a break for lunch or such. I guess it will be available at some point but not economicaly feasable at the present. Can't handle seventy bucks a month for that. I guess the best thing is to stop once in a while and use the computers in libs and such.

Ok thanks that pretty much answered my question