Internet Search Scams


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DataHoundDetective is an out right scam, before I paid for it I did a quick search for opinions to find any negative reviews and because it was so new I didn't find any, so I paid. Now I feel it is my duty to warn the next guy. THEY ARE CHARGING $30 FOR A SITE THAT MERELY LISTS ALL OF THE OTHER PAID SITES THAT YOU COULD USE, THEY ALSO TELL YOU THAT THIS OTHER SITES ARE FREE. HOWEVER, THE OTHER SITES LET YOU DO A PARTIAL SERACH FOR FREE AND THEN PAY FOR THE RESULTS.

So you see, they think their statements are within the law. Oh and to seal the deal they tell you that you can have your money back if you are not happy with there product -I HAVE NOT GOTTEN MY MONEY BACK AND I REQUESTED IT A FEW HOURS AFTER I SIGNED UP (I GAVE THE SITE ABOUT TWO HOURS, AS I WENT FROM LISTED STIE TO LISTED SITE THINKING I MIGHT STILL GET MY MONEYS WORTH -I NEVER DID, NOT EVEN CLOSE.