Internet service ??


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I'm trying to find Sattellite internet service for my class A.

So far I'v only found one place....they wanted 3-40000 for equip & installation + $$$ for Hughes Net ( BLAHH )

I have heard Nothing but bad reports about Hughes Net.

Any ideas ??

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Re: Internet service ??

Have you talked with Version, AT@T or any of the cell service. We use the Version Broad Band.



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Re: Internet service ??

We have a program on our cell phones that lets the phone act as a router for Internet service. No hook-ups, no extra equipment, just click a couple of things on my phone and ta-da, I have Internet for my laptop. Really easy, and it's included in my phone plan so it doesn't cost me extra! We use Sprint, but I think most of the carriers have a data plan that includes that service.


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Get its 4g LTE Unlimited Hotspot Data for $60 a month. Super-fast 60+ mbps no slowing, no throttling, no caps, no contracts, all you can use with nationwide coverage. Its never failed me and if i need to i can not pay the bill for a month if im in the boons and just pay the next month when i need it. coverage is super good even in dead spots on hwy 41 in NM still get service when the phones don't.