Interstate 70 Across Colorado in April

I was wondering if anyone has traveled across Interstate 70 through Colorado in April? We will be in a Class C motorhome and certainly don't want to get caught in snow since this is our first big trip out west. Everyone here has been so nice answering my questions that I thought I would put this one out there. Do we need to worry about major snow storms that time of year?
Interstate 70 Across Colorado in April

I live in Colorado and have made the I-70 trip many times. There is always a chance of heavy spring snow. It does not last long on the road as the temps have begun to moderate by this time. The worst areas in the event of heavy snow are Vail Pass , the approaches to the Eisenhower tunnels and sometimes Glenwood Canyon. Depending on where your final destination is , you can take a southern route as an alternative. I have done this on Las Vegas trips. It's a bit out of the way, but, smooth going and less mountain driving. :laugh:
Interstate 70 Across Colorado in April

tscramuzzo: We are going to Park City Utah from Kansas City. Do you recomend I-70 or go up to I-80? :cool:
Interstate 70 Across Colorado in April

Storming: I-80 will get you around all the major passes and would probably b e a shorter route. They have snow in Wyoming too and only the "Good Lord" knows when it is going to happen!
Good luch and enjoy the ride.