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We have driven numerous times from Boston MA to Missoula MT in our pickup truck in all seasons and really enjoy the trip. We have towed all sorts of boats and trailers. Except for Chicago it really is a mellow trip. My question is how will our new motorhome (Class C Travel Lite 25 ft handle through the mountain passes (we are new to driving this type of vehicle). There are a few long 6% grades in Montana and Highway 93 into Salmon Id is steep and windy. We always see large motorhomes towing vehicles in these areas and they make it look like a breeze -so any tips other than commonsense safe driving would be appreciated. thanx in advance

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interstate 90

Drive slow, enjoy the seanery, use transmission to gear down on grades, watch engine temp, doesen't hurt to let engine and trans cool after long grades and hot days, watch tire pressure. What year, chassis, engine is your C? Should be no problem. :)
interstate 90

I will be following 90 from boston to SD in a 30' class A at the end of this month. I got a trip plan from AAA but it has lots of bypass roads around Hartford, Chicago etc. I'm not sure if this is to avoid construction or traffic or excluded roads for carrying propane or just a more scenic drive. Do you have any tips or cautions i should heed?

I had a class C 21' Vista last couple years and it handeled great and climbed NH's Kangamanges no problem. Thats about as steep and windy as i want to get. i have only done a couple short weekends in the new RV and i have to say that i don't feel totally comfortable driving till i get and hour or so behind me. Its tough to get used to the width. I have to constantly watch the mirrors cause looking out the front makes you think that you are scrapping the curb or stradeling the lanes. I am hoping that it gets easier and the road to SD is easier than these cow paths in Boston.

While i'm asking advice, what would be considered a comfortable max distance or driving time? should i take 3 or 4 days to get to SD from Boston MA?

Thank you
interstate 90

Hi Thanx for your advice. The motorhome is a 25 foot Trail-lite. It is a 2004 Ford E-Series 450 with a cutaway chassis. Thanx again.
interstate 90

You'll have safe trip - it should not give you much difficulties. My partner and I had driven the route last year in our class A motorhome. Take your time and do downgrade as you climb and go downhill - keep an eye on your "meters". The best possible reason they given you the different bypass are: LP fuel - Size restrictions (on witdth) - toll roads - and/or construction which happens a great deal around Chicago.