Hello everyone,
My name is Loren Lirette and I'm the 'Internet Manager' at Stier's RV Center. I know, I know "Oh no, a salesman, run!!" So you know I'm not on the board to make sales (I'm salaried). I'm much more interested in answering questions, if I can, and in finding out what you guys like and don't like about RVs and dealers.

I like that 2005 22'Thor Komfort 222FS. Can you tell me what the weight is ? I have a 2001 Chevy Silverado 4x4 Estended Cab but only has the 4.8 engine. I am looking for a shorter 5th wheel I can pull behind it.

Depending on what rear axle ratio you have you can either tow 6,100lbs (3.42:1) or 7,300lbs (3.73:1). You can find out what axle ratio you have by calling the dealer service center with your VIN#.
The Komfort 222FS weighs about 6,600-6,700lbs which I think is a bit heavy for your truck even if you have the 3.73 axle ratio. There are probably very few 5th wheels that you can comfortably tow. I would consider a conventional travel trailer because they tend to be lighter weight. Although, there might be a 5th wheel out there that is just fine. You might try looking at the Trail-Lite or Trail-Cruiser by R-Vision. They tend to be pretty light weight.