Introductions :)


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Hello All,
I just wanted to say hello everyone in the forum. This is my first time here and I am looking forward to it.
My wife and I just purchase our first RV this weekend.
We picked up a 31' 2001 Sandpiper Travel Trailer.
I can not even tell you how excited we are. We live in upstate NY where right now it is gloomy, grey, and nasty. Summer seems so far away, but we are both warm with visions of the what is to come.

With this excitement comes some butterflies. I have never towed a trailer before. Obviously I have never owned one as well. My maine concern is to not learm many things "the hard way".
Can anyone suggest some literature or things as such that may aid the learning of the RV life?

Other than that. I hope to talk to you soon.


John Harrelson

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Introductions :)

Hi Richard,

Do you have an RV park near you ? If so, drop by the office and introduce yourself. Tell the folks what the scoop is and ask a couple of questions to break the ice..

It's amazing how human nature is... the average person just cannot keep from showing how much they know about something..

Many times in my life I have played dumb and asked a question that I already knew the answer too just to break the ice.. it'll work 99 times out of a 100..

And just because the weathers ugly outside doesn't mean that you can't spend the night in the new rig.. Thats the best way to "discover" your RV..



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Introductions :)

Hi John,
Thanks for the assitance. I have not located a Park as of yet. But will be sure to do so soon.
What you say is true. I have noticed, even in my limited time, that people who are in this RV lifestyle are some of the most helpful and benevolent folks there is.
I look forward to meeting many them out there on the road.

Thanks again.


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Introductions :)

Let me make another suggestion. While it is still too cold to go out for the week end, find a large parking lot that is not used on the week ends and get permission to bring the RV over there to use the lot for practice. Then, when the lot is empty, tow the trailer over there and spend some time in practice. First, just drive around the parking area and if it has painted lines, practice making turns as though in traffic while avoiding running over the lines, as if there were a curb there. Once you feel comfortable with that, try backing the RV. At first, just back a short distance to get a feel for keeping it straight behind you. Once you get the feel for that, find an area with painted parking spaces and back it into one to where the RV and tow vehicle are parked straight in the space, but at an angle to the drive way. Next try your hand in backing from one drive way to another that is at 90 degrees to the one that you are in. Save some cardboard boxes to use as markers for things like the plumbing and power pedestal of an RV site or other such obstructions. While you are at it, take turns in the backing with one driving and the other directing. Use this means to develop a pattern of signals and communication in directing each other. And always use the same directions to mean the same thing.

One other thing about backing. Buy yourself a pair of the FRS radios available at Wal Mart or any such store. Use them to communicate as it is the most reliable method that I know of. And do not get angry with each other. Make this a learning experience for each of you. If you don't understand the directions, stop and discuss exactly what is desired and what will be the best way to communicate that desire. And one last thing on backing for the person doing the directing. Even though you will be practicing in a parking lot with no overhead obstructions, pretend that there are some. Use one of your boxes as an overhanging limb to manuver around. And don't become compacient and forget to look up as you will need to make that a habit for every time you park the RV.

Good luck on the new adventure and have fun! Some time spent in practice now will make life much easier when you first find yourself parking in an RV park with a lot of folks watching.