Inverter Problems

Hey all, need your help. Spent 2 1/2 months as a camp host with no problems at all. Drove my motorhome home for the winter and now I have a problem. My magnetech inverter is only putting out 9.3 volts. Any ideas on what the problem may be and if it can be repaired. I bought this unit used. It's in great shape and the original owner left the old inverter in it. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robin ;)
RE: Inverter Problems

Thanks for responding. Don't think it's the battery - it happens even when we're plugged into 120 V AC. Any other ideas?? Thanks, Robin ;)


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Re: Inverter Problems

An inverter (12V DC to 120V AC) should be putting out 120 volts. A converter (120V AC to 12V DC) should be putting out more than 12V, in order to charge the batteries.

I'd disconnect the output of the converter from everything, and measure the voltage then. If not close to 13 volts, something is wrong with the converter. If it is close to 13 volts, then connect things 1 at a time, and the thing which causes it to drop to 9.3 volts would seem to be suspect.
Re: Inverter Problems

Magnetek is a converter. If after you disconect the battery check your voltage output for both dc and ac voltage. dc voltage should be 13.6 and ac voltage should be less than 2. if either of these are not within limits go to the parts store and order a Parallax 7345RU.