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Question about inverter. If connected to shore power does it(shore power) charge my house battery and should my inverter be turned off? The folks at the rv place have me all confused. I understand the inverter converts 12 volt to 110, and converter(sp) converts 110 to 12 volt for lights, etc. So I would think generally the inverter would be switched off most of the time. Is that correct? Sorry to be so long, any help would be appreciated.


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RE: inverter question

Yes, your correct. Your inverter would be off unless you needed to convert 12 volt to 110.

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Re: inverter question

To answer the second question, yes the converter does charge the house batteries.
In some cases it also charges the engine battery. Some Fleetwood products have that feature. I think it is not a common feature however.

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What typeof battery do i need and conerter to charge little things until i get my onan running? Help

C Nash

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All depends on your rv. You can get a small battery charger at most any wal mart.. depending on your rv you need 12 volt battery deep cycle or 2 up on 6 volts. Most travel trailers take 1 12 volt deep cycle battery.


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I've had a BMK 12V charger maintaining two 12V boat batteries. The batteries are close to the 100 amp-hour ratings of the device but it seems to maintain them well. I will collect data on charge currents later but I did watch it when it was in the absorption phase. Current pulses looked to be 1.5A at about 0.5Hz. Anyway, the unit is solid, sealed.