Is anyone else having this problem???

I ordered a tow car shield from Camping World/Coastline on August 2, 2005. As of today, all I have recieved is a whole bunch of excuses as to why I don't have a cover. I recieved a notice card in the mail yesterday from Camping World stating that the cover is scheduled to be shipped on December 5. Do you know of another company I might try? The customer service from these two companies is awful.
Is anyone else having this problem???

I don't know what is going on with Camping World but I ordered a cover for my Class B and they said it would be 4 weeks.
This was my first order with them and probably the last.
Is anyone else having this problem???

This morning my husband suggested that I call Coastline directly and guess what? They told me that they had my cover ready to ship but was holding it because of a billing problem with Good Sam. I ordered directly from Coastline, cancelled my order with Good Sam. They are sending it UPS three day delivery, and it shows on UPS tracking system. I have no idea whose problem this has been, but I will not be doing business with either companys in the future.