Is gas cost digging into your pocket?


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Is fuel cost getting to you? Keeping you from traveling as much as you was?

If i told you thier is a product, that would give you more power,faster start ups, keep your fuel lines from freeze up in winter, make your motor run cooler.
Would you doubt my words?

Beat you would. I would have to ,month ago.
Would you be interested enough to email me,to find out more?

Would you be interested to know too,that we as individual RV owners ,driving lot, can help clean up this air we breath.

Well, I will jsut say this, I'm a 60 year old, retired Military, and I've seen alot,in my time, but, firends, the technology is changing, and I've learnt that we that has been thier, are at a new age. Benefits are going to change, cause of us baby boomers.

Now,I will say, email me, through my email, here, and I will show you, what I'm talking about.
New ,way of doing things friend,it's called, what we as kids seen while we where grwoing up,that we forgot to keep the ways, now,we got second chance to get it back.
Called sharing info,with everyone.

If you emial me I'll show you how to cut that fuel cost, and, also, show you at same time,to put money back into your pockets, without hitting a lick, on waht we call work.
I'm getting me another motorhome within couple weeks, and hitting road again. I got way laid, five years ago, but I'm almost back, I want to share what I learn, during that time, see I had a heart attack at during that same period. Four bypasses, almost goner,HAHA.

Lets keep in touch, at least,if you don't want to know what I know, keep, throwing your money down the whole, fact, send me dollar for every mile you drive. I'll put it to good use. That's how much what i got ,will help you friends.

Learn to drive RV for free,get back all you spend, at end year.
Stop paying that CPA, couple hundred to do your taxes, keep it for yourself.
Well, went to home coming of thr troopsof my area,sure wa nice to see thier faces. We only lost two from Cmpany,thou,those wasn't from fighting, thou. Since they was ,defenders of some hot roads over thier,we didn't loose none from fighting.

Thank God for that.