Is Hubby's Truck really big enough?


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We just purchased a new TT. It's total weight, according to the book, is 5574 lbs. My concern is our truck. My hubby has a chevy Z71, with four wheel drive and the towing package. He says its perfect for towing our new TT,,,,but I'm worried. We finally got to use it this pass weekend and it was lots of fun. Our kids enjoyed the campground we found so much, we decided to go back next weekend and we have now canceled our vacation plans to go to San Antonio. We have decided to spend it at this campground in our TT. The truck didn't show any problems while pulling it, but I was really worried when he kept trying to go the speed limit. There were times when he would have to slow down to about 60 or 65, and he said it was dropping down to low gear.....I'm not that smart about trucks,,,,,so bare with me there.......Is this normal? When we were going at about 70,,,it was no problem, just when he would go lower........Any suggestions would help. Driving time this weekend was two hours to go and two hours to come back. Now this morning when he left for work, I was outside watching him back out of the driveway and I kept hearing a klunk sound when he would apply the brakes, is that normal on a truck? I'm so worried that this TT will damage the truck,,,,,,HELP
Thanks,,,,,,,for all the info.

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Is Hubby's Truck really big enough?

Hi Molly, glad to here your enjoying camping, the trailer / truck combo is probaly ok, you wouldn't want any larger trailer. For the sake of all of you slow down 60 / 65 is plently fast remeber you have 3 tons of weight behind your truck pushing if you have to stop, and likewise when starting out your tugging 6000 lbs to start rolling so the truck naturally feels loaded down like it working and of course it is. I have a 1 ton dually truck and never tow faster than 65 MPH mostly its around 63 mpg, don't get caught up with the idea that your lesser poeple because someone passes up going down the road, if you take note when travelling you see the same poeple passing you sometimes 2 3 times in a day. Seeing as how your really enjoying the campground your visting ( and you'll find others you'll enjoy just as much) just slow down a bit enjoy the trip and be relaxed when you get there. As for the klunk check it out, and find what it really is, it could be any number of things, (like a U joint, maybe a brake etc.) :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Is Hubby's Truck really big enough?

Sounds to me as if the truck is doing quite well if he is pulling it at those speeds. I just hope he has the experience to do so. The klunk you hear when he hits the brakes while he was backing up is normal with electric brakes :laugh:
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Is Hubby's Truck really big enough?

Molly, tell him to slow down and enjoy the seanery :eek: Towing at that speed you'll might hear a big Klunk. Are you towing in OD if it's an automatic. Not recommended to tow in OD. Peaceful is probably correct on where the klunk is coming from.