Is it Just Me or...

Are Onan generators pieces of junk? Reading a lot of posts, it appears that many people have the same problems with Onan generators? Are they junk? I have one and have the typical "stops running" problems. Should I just go out and buy another brand and call it a day? What is a good brand of generator?

Gary B

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Is it Just Me or...

Hi buffs94, no Onan's aren't junk, they do require regular maint that most folks fail to due. They need to be excised at regular intervals, that means starting them and runing it for a min. of 1/2 hr every 30/60 days with a load on them like during the warmer times running the air conditioner and in cooler temps running a couple of electric heaters. The Generacs are even more trouble some and the Hondas for some reason have never really caught on. The Kolers were about the same as the Onan's fairly good but required maint. We had a oman Marquis 7000 in our Bounder and never had a problem with it, worked great all the time, we did have a onan microlight 2800 that gave trouble until I finally figured out that the fuel pump was bad, Onan fuel pumps are not the best in my book. Good luck :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:
Is it Just Me or...

I agree with Gary B that the Onans are not junk.As he said they require routine maintenace and if that is done you should not have too many problems.
Is it Just Me or...

Ditto for me on the Onans. Nothing will last, or work correctly, if it isn't taken care of.

Just my opinon, again. :cool:

Lil Truckr


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Is it Just Me or...

I have an Onan Microlite. Time will tell if it's a POS or not. If you are interested in posting to those that put thousands of hours on gen a year, try and click on "Mobile Groomers" and browse through. A lot of mobile groomers change their oil every 100 hours and still have problems.

I myself will need a gen probably in the next year and I will either go with inverters or get the new Honda liquid cooled gen.