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I have looked at a 29 foot 1994 Pinnacle by Thor. It has a 454 cid engine and they say that it gets 11 miles to the gallon. It has been well taken care of as is evident by just looking at it. It has 49,000 miles on it. Never been smoked in. They are asking $14.000.00 for it and I am wondering if that is a good price? Would this be considered a class A, Class B, or a Class C motor home? It has new 6 volt Batteries, New Michelin tires all the way around. No broken pieces anywhere, no branch scrapes, it is just in beautiful shape. What do ya think? I have had campers but don't really know much about motor homes, what can you tell me? What should I be looking for? Any and all help, advice will be appreciated. Thank you, Bob :question: Contact me at

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Re: Is this a good price

Bob, I doubt that it will get 11 miles to the gallon. 8 would be about what to expect IMO if it's the A class. Is it built on a van frame which I doubt with it being 29 ft. C class will have the cab. A class similiar to a bus.
Check for any water damage signs. If you see any run away. Price seems a little high to me but overall condition will determin this. Have it checked by a mechanic.

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Re: Is this a good price

In the NADA Guide it says the Used Retail value for that unit is $21,260 - that's in good condition - with no repairs needed.

Hope that helps. :)

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Re: Is this a good price

I agree with Nash - If 11mpg is not an outright lie, it's what they got going downhill with a tail wind!

Check and double check for water damage. Look on the roof and see if there are cracks in the sealant around the top vents, skylights, etc. The A/C units usually have a gasket and is not as much of a problem as the sun exposed caulking.

When water enteres the roof it will usually find its way down the inside of the wall rotting the wood. Open every cabinet and knock and push you finger hard on every inch of the wall. If there is rotted wood many times you will be able to feel it. Look along the side on the outside fiberglass - any buckles (delamination) usually indicates water damage on the inside. Push / knock on the outside too and you may be able to feel any wood rot on the other side. You also want to check under all the windows.

If you find a large portion of weak walls, run away because the unit's structure may be compromised. The last thing you want is to be in an accident or hit an overhang at your house that makes the entire side collapse!

Make sure the plumbing works by filling the fresh water, sewage, and grey water tanks at least a quarter and look for leaks. Don't forget to check the generator, fridge, hot h2o, etc. These items are not deal breakers, however they can be expensive to fix and you would want to take that into consideration when you make an offer.

I once bought a camper that the seller had the fridge ice cold for me when I picked it up. I later found out that it only worked on propane, and would work at all on electric!

Hope this helps,

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Re: Is this a good price

Bob, I was guessing at the price and I tend to go low. Cindy is probably closer to the value than I was. I did go back and look it up in my book and low was 15k and high 19k so where you are located might make a difference in value but sounds like a good deal if the rv checks out. Be sure and do as TG said and ck all electrical appliances, plumbing, holding tanks. Just be sure and ck for water damage. A small ice pick probed around the bottom of the floor under cabinets next to wall might help locate soft areas. Be sure and take a long test drive on different roads. Nothing worse than a white knuckle driving A Class. Good luck and keep us posted