Is this a thing "STATIC SHOCKS"


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Most, of my life I have always worn cowboy boots and had no problems. Once into my mid-70s, my wife talked me into getting some street shoes. No issues after the first few years or I just did not notice it as much as I do now. I know this may sound crazy to some, but I wore my boots without socks. Wearing flats, tennis shoes even socks, I keep getting a shock. Using a key to open a door, in and out of the sink to put away dishes, touching each other, and picking up things I will get a small static shock and it is so annoying.

Any suggestions Ideas foot souls or shoe inserts, anything?

Signed, Old Man with Static Shock issues?


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Have you changed places you live? Has the climate changed so it is more dry? I know in Costco, when pushing a cart there, I get really shocked so I have to hold the metal. I used to wear boots with leather soles, if yours were leather and you didn't wear socks, maybe you were grounding, but I'm not sure if that would work through leather, definitely not rubber. I doubt it is the sneakers that have a rubber sole, but they won't let electricity go through you. I live in a desert so it will cause more electricity that I can notice than when I visit in FL, TX, or NY because it's a lot more humid. Maybe check things to make sure they are grounded? I'm adding on a room and asked the electrician to make sure there are grounds in all the outlets and for the wi-fi smart switches. :)