Itasca Horizon 2004

Has anyone had problems with their Keyless entry not working repeatedly. We have had on going problems with the keyless remotes for over a year. They have been reprogrammed and changed three times in the past year and they stopped again. Also I understand they have a kit for the entry door to stop it from rattling. Any info on each would help greatly. Thank you.
Itasca Horizon 2004

We have an 05 Vectra and have the same problems. Both the key fob and key pad have been replaced without solving the problem; sometimes it works must of the time it doesn't.
Same door rattle also.
What model do you have? Ours is a 40AD
Re: Itasca Horizon 2004

Same door rattle problem on our 2006 winnebago outlook 31C [class C]. DRIVES ME NUTS. Has been going on sense new. I'm working on a trade and the rattle is part of my reason to trade. Seems to be a winnebago general problem. I'll take it up with them at national this summer.