It's Curtains I Say!

Hi, I'm new here and new to RVing as well. We just picked up a 1979 Pace Arrow. It runs well, doesn't leak and seems overall to be in good shape. However, the horrid orange curtains and orange/brown/white plaid shades and valances must go! Does anyone know where I can find a pattern to make the curtains which wrap around the windshield and the ones in the bedroom which snap in? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and I'm looking forward to lurking about while I learn what I'm doing! ;)

Gary B

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It's Curtains I Say!

Hi Sheknitz, welcome to the forum and RVing. :) Your best bet for patterns just might be the old curtains, fing the colors and material you like and use the old ones as a pattern.
Good luck and have fun.
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It's Curtains I Say!

I just removed all of the old curtains and accessories and replaced them with mini-blinds.

The front curtain was replaced with your everyday house curtains that were sewn in the bottom.


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It's Curtains I Say!

My wife, who used to make custom draperies, says that if you do not know how to make them you need to carefully rip out the present ones and use them as a pattern. She says that basically, you need to have two pieces of material to start with that each have a width that is the full width of the window to be covered. That is done by seams on the edges to connect enough widths to get two of these. The pleats of the draperies should cut the width of the draperies by a little less than 1/2. There are typically, five pleats for each width of the origional material(or panel) and there should be an overhang at each end and an overlap in the middle that is about 4". She suggests that if you use the old ones as a pattern, take measurments of each part before you rip them out. Determine the width and spacing of the pleats, and the width of the hems, first and record it. Most drapery fabric comes in a 45" width.