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A word to the wise....stay FAR -- FAR--- FAR AWAY from the Camping World/Myer's RV on US Route 9 in Lakewood, NJ!!!

The short story:

After waiting over 6 weeks for parts, it took more than 2 days to get the work done, because they did not order a crucial panel that operates the AC unit!!!

This operation has NO RESPECT FOR THE CUSTOMER'S TIME!! :angry:

After making an appt for 8 am....arriving with the coach at 7:45am, they did not even take the coach into the bay until 11:30am -- that was the FIRST TIME!! :angry:

The second time, after making the 8 am appt, and being ASSURED they would take the coach in immediately, I arrived at 7:45 am, -- they didn't take the coach until 1pm!!! :angry:

When I tried to talk to someone about this -- no one was available. I tried to talk to the Manager: Jim Ritz, and he avoided me at all costs!!! :evil:

Please...do your self a HUGE FAVOR and STAY FAR -- FAR-- FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!! ;)


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Re: I've GOT TO VENT!!!

I had a similar experience at Camping World in Florida near Kissimmii (sp?). Guess they mostly don't care about our time......I even said, hey, I'm a President Club member and the guy said....."so what"....canceled it immediately and never looked back or forward at Camping World.