jake brakes

I live in Colorado so do a lot of mountain driving, I recently purchased a Dodge Cummings and pull a 23 ft 5680 unloaded 5th wheel. With my rig do any of you out there feel I should install a jake brake? Truck is a manual trans, 6 gear.
jake brakes

I believe it would be of minimal help with your manual transmission unless you are gearing up and down as required to prevent overspeedng. A driveline retarder would be more beneficial in my estimation...The Jake extarder for your installation is simply a butterfly valve in your exhaust which partially blocks the exhaust causing slightly more back bressure in your engine. Coupled to an engine with an automatic transmission, these make pretty efficient brakeing systems when the transmission computer is doing the controlling...
jake brakes

Thanks for your input,the rig I pull is not that heavy and feel that an exhaust
brake is unecessary, especially the cost over $1400.00 I was quoted at my Dodge
dealer is darn high for the benefit received. I understand however that the
exhaust brake also saves on the existing brake system.
Al in Colorful Colorado.