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just wanted people to know how jayco and terrell camping center treat customers. i bought a 2003 talon 33x fifthwheel new and shortly after getting the trailer home i found the spare tire was rubbing the stabilizer jack so when i went under trailer to move jack a little i saw that the two outriggers(triangle pieces welded to main frame which the outside wall sets on) behind axles were bent a little.when i took trailer to dealer 300 miles away for warrenty work i pointed this out to service manager, he took photos of the area and submitted them to jayco for future reference.of course 5 months after warrenty ran out these two outriggers broke off frame. when i called the dealer i was informed that the service manager was no longer there and that because of space limitations they only keep records for 1 year this on a trailer with a 3 year warrenty.i called jayco and they told me they had no record of problem and would do nothing to help. called dealer back to see if they could talk to jayco for me and their reply was that since nobody there was familliar with my issue they could do nothing.it seems to me that when they tell you to document something in case of a future problem somebody would keep the records and this seems a good way to put you off till warrenty expires. this is a toyhauler that has a 4500 # load capacity in which i carry 2 motorcycles weighing 1100# combined,trailers gvw14500#, loaded for a trip 11300# so i'm not even close to overloading.


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Re: jayco problem

Lesson??? Keep your own copy of all issues that you have brought to the dealer; with their verification. Sorry about your problem.

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RE: jayco problem

Jayco is one the RV's I have on my personnel hit list. I have never heard a good story from any Jayco owner. They are always at the head of the list on the RV magazine Action Lines. :dead: