I am thinking about buying a Jayco Travel Trailer but the problem is:

Can a Chevrolet Suburban with a 1500 1/2 ton pull a 8200 pound travel trailer up mountains and rough roads? :)

NO! It is illegal, & most of all DANGEROUS!! Here's the deal. if you look in your owners manual it will give you all your tow ratings, but even these can be a little mis-leading, unless you do the math. Example, I own a 2004 F-150, my tow rating is 6800lbs because i have the smaller V8. The lager V8 in the exact same truck bumps my rating way up to 9500lbs . But this bogus, because i still have a gross vehicle weight rating of 12,200lbs. So the only way to get your true tow weight capabity is to go to the truckstop way your Suburban with how ever many ppl will be in it when you tow your trailer. Take that weight and subtract it from your total GVWR. What's left from that figure is what you can legelly & safely tow. Turns out after I scaled mine I cant tow the 6800lbs my truck is rated at. I only have 6640lbs left or I would exceed my GVWR. I hope I've answered your question. P.S. I see them upside down on top of the tow vehicle all the time, as I drive truck for living. The cause is allways to much trailer for not enough tow vehicle!