Junk/spam email


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Hello RVUSA,

I just got junk mail from kemkoj@hotmail.com asking for assistance in transferring money ($15,000,000) to my bank account.....an old con.
He/she got my email address from RVUSA. I'd be happy to forward the email to you if you want.



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Junk/spam email

Ron - I don't know how that could have happened. We highly value the trust you put in us when you provide information to us and we work very hard to keep it secure. We never have (nor do we ever plan to) sell or give away our site users e-mail addresses without their permission. Our database with your information is also stored on another server for security purposes.There are countless ways someone can come up with an e-mail address. Please forward any additional information to webmaster@rvusa.com so we can investigate the situation.

-Greg Petry


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Junk/spam email

Greg, I sent an email to the Webmaster with the details. I understand my email address is public info, but the sender of that email had as the subject line "Sent from RVUSA forum by MR KODJO EMILE", which is why I opened it. Normally, I don't open email from someone I don't know, but with that subject line, I thought it was ok. I assumed it was a forum member sending me a message. Just to make everyone aware of possible fraud and scams and potential viruses being spread via this method.


Gary B

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Junk/spam email

Hi Greg, I also recieved that same e-mail today from a MR KODJO EMILE and it also said it was being sent from RVUSA. I suppect he or some one registared on the forum just lond enough to collect some of our e-mail address's for this scam. I am not blaming you or this forum, just letting you know what is / has happened, unforturnitly I marked a spam e-mail and it was gone before I took down all the particulars. Thanks GB


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Junk/spam email

Same thing happened to me months ago, when I received email asking for help/money for some guy in Africa trying to get back into his palace....real scam. The email also had sent from RVUSA.
I just deleted it and have not had one since then.


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Junk/spam email

I received the following message this a.m.and deleted it. Obvious Junk. Only good thing that came out of this is junk mail is a reminde to visit RVUSA more often...as I have not been visiting this site for quite some time...but will be back.

I changed my profile to prevent members to sending me email... i suspect this junk mailer hasa developed a program to read all users email ids who have accept emails to build their database.

Hello debyincarolina

You received the following message from: fdk10 (shellaa44@yahoo.fr)

At: http://www.rvusa.com/forum/main/

From: Fredrick Abams
9/10 rue canal ave 8 Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire
Email :fdk_a10@yahoo.fr

Pls do response via this email address : fdk_a10@yahoo.fr

My dear,

Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into long time
relatioship and financial transaction for our mutual benefits hence I write with
due respect .I am Fredrick Abams and I inherited an important sum of
money from my late father who died in a recent crisis in Cote d'Ivoire. I
wish to request for your assistance in investing this money in a
lucrative venture under your directives and guidiance in your country. I want
you to assist me for the transfer of this sum of Three million, Two
hundred thousand United State Dollars.(US3.200,000)to your account
designate hence I will give you the contact of the bank where the money is so
that you can contact them immediately and discuss with them since I do
not know much about financial issues. I will give you some resonable
percentage from the total sum for your assistance while I pray that you
do not betray me at last. Please it is important you contact me
immediately for more clarifications on the next step hence it is my wish to
relocate to your country as soon as this transaction is concluded.Pls do
response via this email address:fdk_a10@yahoo.fr

God bless you.

Yours sincerely,
Fredrick Abams

Cindy Hendricks

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Junk/spam email

Fdk10 has been deleted from the forums as a member. If you would like to disable the ability for forum visitors to email you, log in, click on Profile, below your email address it says, "Allow forum members to send you email?" - select NO. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Cindy :)


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Junk/spam email

I got one of those junk/scams yesterday and I just forwarded it to Greg Petry. Hope this stuff stops soon.


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Junk/spam email

This is still going on by the looks of it.

Here is what was sent to me...

Hello TheWetFish

You received the following message from: esthel5ci@yahoo.com

At: http://www.rvusa.com/forum/main/


How are you today?

My name is Esthel 21 years old single girl the daughter of late Mr.
Morgan Gilbert, he was international business man, he deal on timber
business when he was alive.

Though we dont know each other before, but i believe that relationship
and comunication with someone you never know before start a day.

There is this amount of seven million US dollar($7M) which my late
father deposited in one of the Security Company here in Abidjan not yet in
the bank before him, my mother and my only sister died on motor
accident here in Ivory Coast West Africa.

With the trust i have in God i decided to contact you to HELP me
retrieve this money from the Security Company so we can invest it in any
profitable investmentment in your country.

If you can be of a great HELP to me i will be please to offer you ten
percent of the total money after the money has been trasferred to you in
your country and you will arrang for my coming to meet you in your
country to further my education.

I will be waiting for your reply so that i will give you more details.

Please I need your HELP, do help me the way you can help your
daughter,your sister when she need your help.

Thanks and God bless you.

Miss Esthel.


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Junk/spam email

Hi I just received 1 of those letters too & did a Google search for the name "Miss Esthel" after that & found this thread. Anyhow I believe we're all in agreement here, some con artist is sending out these letters and most probably is making mucho dinero off this pathetic scam of theirs :angry:


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Re: Junk/spam email

I got one of those 'sent from RVUSA by bob' messages which was short and insulting. Since rver1967 is not listed as a member, and I can't imagine anything I posted eliciting that particular response, I suspect it was someone trolling for verified email addresses (I was sure attempted to reply to it :)

You received the following message from: bob (rver1967@yahoo.com)