Just bought 1984 Layton


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I just bought a 1984 Layton for $3200. I am trying to find out the dry weight. Also, I am having trouble getting the outside power to take over. It just keeps running the lights from the battery. Hope someone may know the answers to these questions. Thanks.


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Re: Just bought 1984 Layton

First thing to do is check your outlet that you are plugged into. Then check your power cordand your breakers. If all is good there, check out your convertor. In a 1984 it could be a Magnetek 3200 series, 6300 series or a Progresive Dynamics. In the magneteks there is a large resistor that goes bad and also some wires that can turn loose at the solder joints. The progressive dynamics is a bit more complicated. Many parts may no longer be available for these units. You may end up replacing the whole convertor.