Just Bought A Van That Thinks Its A Motorhome


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That would be correct--its a 1991 Roadtrek Popular with 318V8 and 4speed w/OD. It looks like we will be setting it up as twin beds rather than king size and use the isle for the dog cage (where they sleep and cuddle) or a small cooler --- But how do you pack one of these things for a month long trip. We have also a diesel pick-up with shell over long bed and pull a travel trailer (Holiday Rambler Aluma-lite) but have decided to leave that rig home and use it only for short local camping and the Roadtrek for over-the-road type stuff. We are hoping to get better gas mileage than the 10 or 11 we got with the diesel p/u and pulling. But where to put stuff in the Roadtrek. By way, over the past 4 or 5 years the previous owner has had the entire rear-end redone with new Chrysler gears, etc. had the transmission rebuild put a heavyduty transmission cooler on AND over the past 2 or 3 years has put all new rubber on new exhaust system new brakes rebuilt the refrig - - - - so except for the slight little leak in one of the three windows (that point to the sky) WE should be AOK. We do have the new windows in one of the cabinets as well as all new rubber window seals ---- but he could never find anyone to put them in for him. Thats enough of our story-------help out a couple of B rookies will ya???


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RE: Just Bought A Van That Thinks Its A Motorhome

I think you will be learning real fast how to pack light! :) We learned that years ago when we traveled by motorcycle all over the country. Finally got tired of sleeping on the ground under a tent so we bought a travel trailer. Sure learned some good lessons then though. Good luck and happy traveling in your Roadtrek. They are really neat campers!