Just bought a yr. 2000 TT - has frozen BURST tank!

:disapprove: We know of a family who has been camping with travel trailers (TT) a number of years now. I'm trying to help them by getting written back up to help them clear this up easily. They just made a purchase of a 2000 Fleetwood Wilderness TT this past Saturday on 4/5/03. The owners never had the family sign an "as is" agreement nor discussed the TT being sold "as is". The two owners repeatedly answered questions as the TT being in "like new, perfect, does not need anything, has not had any water leaks, in excellent condition" on numerous occasions prior to purchasing, in person and again on 4/5/03 when the family picked up the TT. When they got the TT home on 4/5/03 there was slightly rusty water running over the floor in different areas. They found the concealed aluminum hot water tank was frozen and had burst open along the entire bottom of the tank. One would have to remove tank to see damage. The sellers repeatedly told the family that they winterized the trailer themselves. Family took hot water tank to RV specialist who said "burst due to neglect of improper winterization". When the family called the sellers, the sellers only wanted to PAY HALF as they tried to pass off the frozen, burst damage to wear and tear on a 2000 tank for the total cost. The family is only looking for replacement of the damaged piece, NOT a hotwater heater and the works. Help - all legal mindsets...what can be doucmented to help this family? If they provide some expert notes when sending a documented letter to the sellers it will help this situation very much for them. Please write back - we would like anyone knowledgeable about frozen hot water tanks and/or how the trailer was represented to respond. The family's lawyer said it's clearly misrepresentation and the family would be eligible for at least double damages from the sellers - but what if the sellers may have not known it was burst-this family is so good, they are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt? I told the family I'd get answers - any additional info, please write. Thank you very kindly.
Just bought a yr. 2000 TT - has frozen BURST tank!

"CAVEAT EMPTOR" is the norm. Your state may have specific laws covering items like this. There is a good probability the previous owners had no idea this had happened. But, most burst aluminum tanks are normally a very easy repair. I have welded up several for the
unfortunates. One was mine that had less than a cup of water mixed with RV antifreeze that still froze... Good Luck...
Just bought a yr. 2000 TT - has frozen BURST tank!

Thanks Butch! Any opinions and expertise will help the family greatly. The more responses, the better as the sellers advertised that everything was working and all was like new. When the family that bought the trailer with the burst (completely split open on bottom) tank asked for just the replacement of the tank, the seller did not want to pay and passed it off as "wear and tear".

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Just bought a yr. 2000 TT - has frozen BURST tank!

Hi rvfun, the fact that the previous owners offered to pay half is good take them up on it and be happy that they did that much. The new owners should have put water in the system to check it out, they should have tested all the applances before giving any moeny. Its happened to me several times bying machinerly used and when every the previous owner offer to pay half I was tickled.