Just for fun Trivia

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This is for fun only… so “Take it with a grain of salt” because Trivia is just that…. Trivia… and a wheelbarrow full of trivia along with a dollar might buy you a can of soda pop..

No cheating now… :) :)

Try matching the correct answer with the question.

#1. The worlds first calculator was called ___
#2. The word used as a precious stone measurement is derived from ___
#3. ___ is the length of a furrow that an Oxen could plow before resting
#4. The amount of ground that a yoke of Oxen could plow in one day is called ___
#5. The distance between the tip of the middle finger and the elbow is called ___
#6. A mile was first measured as 1000 Roman soldier’s ___
#7. Measurement from the finger tip to finger tip of a sailor’s outstretched arms is called a ___

A: Fathom …. B: Furlong …. C: Carob Tree …. D: Cubit …. E: Acre …. F: Abacus …. G: Paces

Trivia Tidbits

** Fingernails grow four times faster than toenails

** To measure four servings of spaghetti, encircle as much dry spaghetti noodles as you can between your index finger and thumb.

** For the proper amount of water and rice ratio… shake the dry rice out level in the pot and then touch the surface of the dry rice in the pot with your index finger and add enough water to reach the first joint on your finger. This works with any size pot

** Leave your ruler at home ?? Don’t worry, use these items to measure with.
A quarter is about one inch in diameter
The first joint of your thumb is also about one inch
Most credit cards are 3 3/8” x 2 1/8”
A dollar bill is about 6” long
A typical floor tile is 12” x 12” square

** Why do we use the letters “LB” to indicate a pound ?
A: it comes from ancient Rome and was the weight of a Loaf of Bread
B: it comes from the ancient Roman word “LIBRA”

** Have a recipe that calls for a one ounce of something but don’t have a scale ??
Two Tablespoons equals one ounce

** We have all heard the expression “it’s only a stone’s throw away”
Did you know that a “stones throw” is established as 165 feet ?

** A miles on land is 5280 feet but a mile on the ocean is 6080 feet and is called a nautical mile..

** Did you know that a Kangaroo can hop 25 feet but a frog jump has been measured at 33 feet

** We can “Take it with a grain of salt” because a grain of salt only measures .004 inches in size.

** Ever wonder how far away that thunder storm is ? Simply count the seconds between the flash of lightning and the sound of the thunder and divide the number of seconds by five.. The answer is the number of miles you are from the storm.

** Ever call someone a “TWIT” ? A twit is actually a pregnant goldfish

** “I’ll be ready in an INSTANT” … did you know that an “INSTANT” has be established as one 1/1000 of a second.

:) if an instant was a penny and a man is waiting for a woman to get ready and she says she will be ready in an instant… do you realize how rich that man would be :) :) …. ouch !!… duck !! … Innncommming !!!…..

Here are the answers to the match quiz….. 1-F…2-C…3-B…4-E…5-D…6-G…7-A

The letters “LB” stand for the Roman word “LIBRA” that was a unit of measurement.


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Re: Just for fun Trivia

Ah! the mix and match. Well I got all of them without peeking but I have to admit if I was asked directly without the answers before me I'd have missed a couple. Now that LB=Libra well missed that one too. Nice quiz