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My wife and I are looking to get a travel trailer that will be big enough for us and our little girl who is now almost a year old. I have a 1994 Yukon GT with a towing package. The hitch on the back has a tongue weight of 850 pounds and towing capacity of 7,000 pounds. I don't want to get anything to small because we plan on having another child in the future. What size trailer (meaning length and weight) would you suggest for us? (What size is too much to be safe.) We want to find out what size we should be looking for before we go to see a dealer.

Gary B

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Just getting started!

Hi Jake, you have to check out the owners manual to find the tow ratings, the hitch numbers mean nothing for the vehicle, are only the hitch ratings. In the owners manual under trailer towing you will find the numbers you need. Good luck in your search.Keep in mind that it is better to start smaller and move up, as there is no perfect rv and your wants and needs will change. Happy trails GB