Just getting started


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I'm new to all of this but very interested in buying my first camper. I'm leaning to start with a Fleetwood Niagara pop up (a new one).

What kind of hitch should I get for my Toyota Tacoma V6?
Do I need to have sway bars?

What can I negociate with the dealer?
Is it better to buy this online?



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RE: Just getting started

I went to the RV show with my wife this weekend at West Palm Beach in Florida. I tried to convience her on the PU. We decided to go with an Expandable trailer. So we are going to have to traid in one of our cars in order to buy the camper. (I hate to admit, but she right on this one).



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RE: Just getting started

If you buy the tacoma you will not need sway bars for a pop up. I pulled a pupup with a S15 sonoma which is a small pickup and did not need sway bars. Friend pulled his popup with a small suv and did need a set.