Just got home


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Well we still have not reached the point where we had to sell the MH so we took a little 4000 mile trip from Texas to New York, Maine and PA. It was nice to get away from the Texas heat at first with temps ranging from the 50s to the 70s but then the Texas heat found us. Luckily in upstate New York we had the snow melt lakes to keep us cool and in Maine we lived on the ocean when we weren't golfing so that helped there. In PA we had a 10am T time in a mountaneous hide away called Tioga Country Club that should have required pants and a light jacket. Nope, 104 degrees breaking all records. The trip would have been remembered better had it not been the last leg through Oklahoma and Texas with my thermo registering 106 - 108. With all of that glass in front of you there is just no way to stay cool. We had the genset huffin and puffin to keep both AC units going along with several fans strategically located to assist but I was still soaked with sweat. Even with my constant checking, the genset went low on oil in OK and shut down causing a short stay on the side of the road to practice some of the new words I had recently learned. All is well back in Texas, I have the pile of plastic parts that rattled themselves into oblivion on some of our less maintained highways to replace and ready to clean her up, shampoo carpets from having a family of fisherpeople inside and make sure we are ready for the fall cool down in October to take off again. Hope all is well with everyone else and for now....its after 7am so its off to work on the coach before the thermo hits a billion degrees around 10!!


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Re: Just got home

WOW!! Despite your set back, so glad you had a great trip.

It's hard to believe that the North is as hot as we are down South. :cool:


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Re: Just got home

Jim - You should have come up to Alaska with us. Plenty of fishing, four golf courses right here in town and it did get all the way up into the mid-70's a couple of days last week. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :) :)

Of course, you still would have to replace all those plastic parts that would have rattled off on the ALCAN. :eek: :eek: