Just purchasing a 1995 Falcon 190

Put a (refundable) deposit at the dealer to hold it for a few days, and tomorrow will take it to a mechanic for a thorough check, but with only 26,000 miles on it there shouldn't be much wrong. Paying mid-retail price, but the unit's nice. Built a Class B type unti in 1977, and my wife and I are looking to travel with our bikes, now that the son's off to college.

Any recommendations of what to look for when I examine this unit tomorrow?


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Re: Just purchasing a 1995 Falcon 190

Everything, brakes, trans,motor, wheels and tires, inside and out real close, hands on close, touch it, sniff it, check to see if anything is not quite right. Be suspious about it, check it over like you know something is wrong, but not sure where it is
God Bless you in your decision and bless you with safe and happy journeys
RE: Just purchasing a 1995 Falcon 190

Thanks for the advice. I bought it, BTW *grin*

Offered $2500 less (after locating the last owner online), and they finally took the offer.

Maybe I'll see you on the road.
Re: Just purchasing a 1995 Falcon 190

Great, hope your dreams will be full, and do not get upset over the little problems that will be popping up. most you can fix yourself and it is a great learning process,
Now, a small note of learning, take time to learn from others and listen to their Ravings, It might and possibly be that it will happen to you and then you already have learned from the best. Also read as much of this forum for all kinds of solutions .