Keeping RV Interior warm

Since purchasing our Tourmaster - I have spread gravel on the side of our garage out to the street for parking it off the street.

My next step is to install a retaining wall for containing the gravel. Following that is to spread out about 6 in of concrete slab for the motorhome to sit on.

Then - to install a metal roofed protection over the unit for summer and winter protection.

In the meantime - I have installed a 50 amp service for plugging in the motorhome and it sits there (for this winter at least). I plan on sitting one of those low profile oil filled electric heaters inside the unit throughout the winter months so that the bitter cold we have will be kept from inside the motorhome (and it is winterized).

Any thoughts or suggestions for this plan?

PS - we are probably 2 winters from going full time from October through March or April each year. The winters here often dip to 20 to 40 below zero at times.

God Bless

Bill & Judy


Gary B

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Keeping RV Interior warm

Hi Bill, thats sounds like a good plan to me. ;) Boy you sure are not very encouraging talking of -20 to -40 below weather!! :eek: , after 12 yrs of going south we are figuring on staying here in MN. this winter :disapprove: . I may have forgotten how cool it gets here in Jan. :dead: . Oh well I gues we could always hop in the Explorer and race south for a month or so. :bleh:
:) :laugh: :cool: ;) :approve:
Keeping RV Interior warm

And I thought it got cold here in West Virginia. Sounds like someone else has colder weather. Wish I could head south for the winters but the little lady is still working. Brrrrrrrrrrr
Keeping RV Interior warm

I guess one sort of "get's used to" the cold up here in the north. The only thing is that after a while dealing with, in and around the bitter cold gets to be a chore.

I was fine up until I had my heart attack 2 years ago. Now - dealing with blowing snow, shoveling snow and chipping ice takes a huge toll on my stamina.

Oh well - 2 more winters - at most. Then Judy and I will be seeking the milder areas of the country through the hard winter months and some fun that goes with it.

Has anyone been camping at the "Padre Island" camp site? That's about as far south as one can get - but I am curious about their daily and weekly rates - they do not put theirs on their website anywhere.

God bless.

Bill & Judy
Keeping RV Interior warm

Regarding keeping a rig warm in the winters, I'd like to answer the question with a question. Is it advisable to run an electric heater (whether oil filled or not) in any rig during colder months in the Northeast to keep the interior warm? My rig (1999 Jayco 323K Eagle) has also been winterized. Is this a common practice with RV's.

Tom Probert
Keeping RV Interior warm

Gary B.

That's the direction I was heading with my question. I have no idea - it just seems to make sense to me as long as it is sitting there plugged in - why not keep the really bitter cold out. I have one of those low profile electric/oil filled heaters with 900 and 1500 watt settings. I feel it would certainly buffer the potential problems by keeping the interior at 50 or 60 degrees during this cold times.

How about it you guys - any input or thoughts on the subject??

Bill & Judy


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Keeping RV Interior warm

Well, here is my 1 cent worth. I use to own a cabin cruiser boat and was told by many, many folks never, never, never put an electric or other type of heater inside during the cold months. If your insurance company knew you did this, they just might cancel your policy. Even though you may be right there and not leaving it unattended, it only takes a few seconds and bam, you lose the MH. Sorry to sound so negative, but if you have ever saw a boat or motorhome fire you just might think again about the heater route. They can be winterized. Not sure if they can be winterized to handle your temp, but should be. On the boat, we could go to 50 below.
Good luck and be careful. WE winterized ours by driving it to Florida for the winter..... :cool: :cool: :cool: :) :laugh:
Keeping RV Interior warm

Although I have not camped at Padre Island, I have been there many times. As to the winter quite expensive and usually full. I would suggest a phone call to them to check availability


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Keeping RV Interior warm

We keep an electric/oil filled heater(900 watt setting) in our 33' Bounder during the winter after winterizing. Just something we decided to do to combat the cold. Works fine so far. Done it for two winters now in NC.
Keeping RV Interior warm

Judy - Thank you for your reply.

I checked with insurance and since it a home made for heating and cooling there is no problem (as long as I use no open flame).

Glad to hear someone out there that is trying to do what we are. I don't intend to live in it or keep the interior really warm all winter - just warm enough to keep out that bitter cold that we get here on a few of the coldest winter days.

While it is not as severe as it used to be years ago - it still sometimes reaches way down below zero on occasion.

2 more winters to go and we are planning on becoming snowbirds and travel full time from October through March of each year.

Bill & Judy
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Keeping RV Interior warm

I keep one under the table in the breakfast nook, I disconnected the 900 watt upper element so it only has the 600 watt lower element, if I was to use the 900 or 1500 watt setting I would not put it under the table, its mostly just to keep the dampness at bay while plugged into shore power ;)

Keeping RV Interior warm

Hey! I like your heater that is under the table. I bet it sure helps take the chill off once in a while.

I have installed the heater in my unit. I have it sitting near the garage for the time being and I have installed a 50 amp 110 volt outlet just for the unit.

The oil filled I bought is the one that is short and long (like a baseboard heater) - except it is oil filled.

Thanks for the info and photo.

God Bless

Bill & Judy
Keeping RV Interior warm

Just a quick note.
Realize you didn't give all details about your new pad but would highly suggest you also put some rebar in the 6in of concrete.

Just did a new pad here (Oregon) and had some issues with the cold winters (but not like yours) making sure concrete holds up outside.
Keeping RV Interior warm

Thanks for the suggestion - on re-bar.

Years ago I used to do tons of concrete work - mostly flat work. Yup - totally agree on the re-bar and trust me it will have it. The 6 inches will be a heavy 6. It will be poured on the east end of the garage and it will have a little slope to it (away from garage). I have to install the retaining wall first though as from the alley to my garage there is approximately 5 feet of elevation. The retaining wall will be installed and washed rock on the last 2-3 feet of outside with drainage pots installed. Then the concrete slab on top.

The GVR of the motorhome is in excess of 26000 (I don't know the dry weight - but will by the time I pour the pad). 4 inches is simply not enough - 6 with reinforcement should handle ok.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

God Bless

Bill & Judy
Keeping RV Interior warm

Upadte on heating the interior.

I placed the low profile oil filled electric heater in the front part of the coach and plugged it in. Temps are now running in the 30's for daytime highs and in the teens for overnights lows. Checking on the temp inside I found it was shirtsleeve temp at this time. I believe that this is a good thing to do as it will temper the bitter cold from causing additional problems inside the coach.

We cannot wait to get out on the road - but that will not begin until next May and then only for a week or so at a time. I have to "hurry up in order to slow down" - so to speak. Son is doing well but the business is so complicated that it will take time before he becomes competent enough for me to start transfering the company over to him.

Then - I have to hire a replacement for me - and train that person for a few months. I do not see that I will be able to retire until sometime in 2006.

Anyway - Insurance company is ok with heater as long as it is not an open flame and the element type electric heater must have a tip-over shut off (mine is not open element).

You guys keep a look out for us beginning next May. We will probably take our first trip down to Okla for a family reunion. We will be towing our 2001 4x4 Red Chevrolet Suburban.

God Bless

Bill & Judy
Keeping RV Interior warm

Yup - it's me.

Just a little update - I have the heater working around the clock and according to the temp inside the coach - it has been sticking right at 60 to 62 degrees in there.

Temps are now dipping to near zero at night once in a while and rarely go above mid 20's in daytime.

Bitter cold is yet to come - but I sure am glad I did that.

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

God Bless

Bill & Judy
Keeping RV Interior warm

I just called "Destination South Padre Island RV Resort" using their 800 number and they gave me prices for the time I was interested in as well as available space. Type in the above name in your search engine and you should get their webpage. Nice people to talk with. They have a nice web page too. :cool: