Kinda Planning Ahead

I am looking into going to Wyoming in early to mid June of next year, after planting season is done. I am in NW OH, and am looking for some good sites between here and possibly Yellowstone. I have a 35' Sportsman 5th wheel, behind an '05 GMC CC. SB. Duramax. My daughters will be 7 and 11 months by then so there needs to be stuff for them as well. I am not dead set on a route yet either, whether it be down 80, or a scenic trip across 90. I am looking at possibly leaving on a Thursday evening, so we can get well past Chicago the first evening, and returning home the following Sunday/Monday night.( 11-12 day trip) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Kenworth - I came across on I80/90 from Pennsylvania this spring enroute to Montana and Alaska. Never again will I go thru the Gary, IN/Chicago mess. Too many toll booths and really crappy road for what they charge you to drive on it. If it's not too far out of your way, I suggest going thru Indianappolis and over from there. JMO.:):)
I am a truck driver, and go thru there all the time...I know my way around the bad spots. What I was wandering is more about the Minnesota, South Dakota route, over the Iowa -Nebraska Route. I have been out thru Nebraska a bunch of times, but not Minnesota, or South Dakota.