King Dome Sat.


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I had a King Dome automatic stationary satellite installed on my motorhome at Camper World. They had a difficult time getting it to work properly at the shop. After returning home it would not lock in on a satellite. The operation of the dome was noisy then it quite altogether. I have several questions.
How long should it take to lock on to a satellite?
Is your system noisy?
Is it worth $200 for an addition 2 year warranty?
Do you have a seperate power supply for the King Dome? (Camper World installed a seperate power supply, it failed at the shop and and was replaced, I think it has failed again. It gets extremly hot while operating)
Thank you, Darwin


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Re: King Dome Sat.

1. It should be able to find the satalite in 3-5 minutes(as long as there are no obsticles in the way).
2. You should be able to hear it search but it shouldn't be annoying.
The King Dome has its own power unit that is wired into your 12 volt house power or a plug in adapter to an outlet. The adapter can get warm but shouldn't get hot.